Message from David

It seems hard to believe, but my last scheduled public event was now five years ago — Contact in the Desert in 2019.  

Before this event, I was given very public threats on YouTube by a former colleague. He tried to force me not to speak on stage by using the fear of death. 

I was specifically told that culprits were asked to “throw eggs or glass bottles” at me on stage. His guest also threatened that my ex-wife might end up dying in an explosion.   

A woman actually did stand up and start violently screaming at me during my panel. Ironically her outburst happened immediately after I discussed ending child abuse.  

I had just perfected my live-streaming studio a month or two earlier. The awesome threat profile I endured at this event made me focus just on live-streaming afterwards. 

Little did I know that having a great live-streaming setup ready to go in 2019 was the perfect answer to what was coming in 2020 — but Archangel Michael apparently did.  

I was very busy in 2019, 20 and 21 doing two major online paid events per year. That segued directly into the massive two-year process of creating the Michael Prophecies.  

As you probably already know, the years 2022 and 2023 were almost entirely consumed with writing seven prophetic books that brilliantly describe our current situation.  

I had received remote-viewed communications in the late 1990s that have now proven to be astonishingly accurate — and predict a Galactic Family Reunion by mid-2025. 

Everything we are seeing in the world right now is at the final moment before the really big changes begin happening. I am thrilled and awed like never before.  

My first trips “out into the world” were in August and October 2023. In both cases, the stress of writing seven books in two years made it very difficult for me to travel.  

These trips also created great comedic material for my videos, as you may have seen.  

I also released a ten and a half-hour high-quality video product during this same time — Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies.  

Sacred Science is already done, and is available right here ( [ENTER CONVERGENCE in the coupon code field for a special gift….I elaborate more on this later in the email] There is nothing else like it. I consider it an essential companion product to the main texts. No doubt.  

I used over 700 slides and seven camera angles to explain how Ascension is going to transform our entire planet — and everyone here on Earth will be included in this.  

My co-star, Stavatti CEO Chris Beskar, tosses out all sorts of great inside intel — as I discuss the Sacred Science that Michael has revealed to me since the mid-1990s.  

The second, unfinished half of this project is the Spirit of the Michael Prophecies. This will also be included at your same rate with Sacred Science as soon as I finish it.  

As you probably remember, I made a bold public statement where I expected to blast through making videos for all seven books during Christmas and New Year’s.  

These videos will directly quote the best Michael Prophecies in each book — and give us an up-to-the-minute analysis of how these events are playing out in real time.  

My announcement triggered multiple, major negative greetings — and reminded me it is best not to give out too many dates. Multiple negative, unanticipated events took place.  

Once I actually did re-read Book One, it opened up a huge Pandora’s Box of extremely horrific childhood memories. I had not at all prepared myself for that to happen.  

Suffice it to say that I have now recalled far more events than before. And they are as upsetting as anything you can possibly imagine — the greatest recognized abuses. 

This is also why I am waiting a little longer before I shoot a video. I want to have processed this enough that I will feel fine about not going into any real detail.  

There was clearly a buildup to this in October and November. The walls started coming down in December, and then crystal-clear memories came through in mid-January.  

I don’t want to talk about what I remembered, for now, although I may in the future. It is very shocking to discover such a massive “hidden story” as I’m about to turn 51.  

As a hint, my grandfather worked in Schenectady at GE, where they were designing all the animatronics for Disney World. I’ve now remembered far, far more of the details.  

The aftermath of remembering these graphic details has been that I have a much-renewed desire to clean up my life, get out there and stop living alone constantly.  

It’s not going to do me any good to hide. Now is the time to Stand Up — and be bold.  

I did mention that I was using medication in videos. Now that the memories flooded back, I have almost entirely stopped. Michael’s new time loops are in full support.  

Best of all, I feel really good. There are hardly any withdrawals as I immerse myself into the incredible wonder of Michael’s prophecies.  

Furthermore, I went back to the original texts from 1997 and was able to extract 148 pages of time-looped data that underlined the personal memories that re-emerged.  

Clearly, I had a ‘story’ going on my whole life that I didn’t know about. My subconscious did, however — and it ended up being a defining, albeit unseen influence.  

In short, the whole last two years of unsealing the Michael Prophecies has now led up to a personal ‘Reveal’ of buried trauma that seems to have closed the circle.  

I had to go through a huge grief process involving intense anger, fear, sadness and pain. I have now gotten out on the other side of it, and am feeling much better.  

As a result, I began the final unsealing of Book Two just two days ago. And it’s going fast! I’m already past the halfway point, and the videos are coming.  

As has been the case for the entire last two years, we are getting massive, unchecked DS interference that has kept me in perpetual, apocalyptic financial distress.  

Taking the time to go through this grief process has done it again. I am in very serious trouble. The DS is preventing any would-be investor from accessing their funds.  

We have a guy who can do our smallest business plan, as one example, but he has been completely unable to access and invest his own funds for over a year now.  

Time after time, we see interference happening. And I am still carrying the entire expense of keeping this company — humanity’s future — alive on my back.  

We now have multiple, very severe problems with the company as a result of this ongoing interference. They will all immediately go away once we get financed.  

The only way I have been able to keep our company from completely collapsing and going into bankruptcy proceedings has been to sell products online.  

That is why, yet again, I am calling for your help — this one last time. We are close enough to some kind of a deal that I should hopefully be free of this crisis soon.  

Getting clean sucks. I’m not in the best mood, but the books are absolutely blowing my mind — and the first Spirit of Michael videos may be shot this week.  

Spirit of the Michael Prophecies is intended to summarize the contents of each of the seven books, so you don’t have to read them — but will understand more if you do.  

Each book will have its own video — at least one. And Book One is so dense I will probably need at least three hours to work through everything that is in it!  

Honestly, I will probably have to do at least two new videos just to cover Book One.   

Book Two, as I’ve just seen again, is also very information-rich — and also loaded with new time-loops that have re-calibrated prophecies for our immediate, direct present.  

It now appears that Michael intended for me to re-read the books at this exact time in history. Over the last 48 hours, I found multiple, high-quality time-loops in Book Two.  

Using this prophetic technique, Michael has now definitely convinced me that we are NOT waiting until November 2024 whatsoever to see major events unfold.  

Events could easily reach a head by March, based upon a number of intel sources that the new time-loop has now fully validated.  

This will take a long time to explain, and I will probably do it in a video.  

My plan right now is to finish the final unsealing of Books Two and Three, and then shoot the first three videos for the first three books — as Spirit of Michael Prophecies! 

All seven books will have at least one video in this package, and I am being intuitively commanded to finish this project as fast as I possibly can.  

It appears that our border skirmish in Texas is “The Big One” that the Alliance has decided to use as a catalyst to bring many different issues to resolution.  

I have been fastidiously monitoring and collecting intel from every reliable source there is, and making a strong effort to map out our immediate future — with Michael’s help.  

Michael has indeed “dropped the gauntlet” and agreed with various insider prophecies saying that we are going to see events happening sooner, rather than later.  

This is very big. And I take it with the utmost seriousness. I need to get back on the public stage NOW, because if I wait, it will be too late. Michael just revealed that.  

Once I finish these Spirit of Michael Prophecies videos, I will be moving back to California, as this is still where Stavatti’s main hub is located, for now. 

There are multiple, astonishing time-loops in the books telling me to leave my permanent exile on the mountaintop and to return to a familiar and much warmer area.  

Michael already knows everything about the “Secret Project” I am now working on. I give you a teaser of this in the final edit of Book Two, due out this week.  

He clearly wants me to move back out there and complete this grand initiative.  

I am staying completely away from LA and its immediate environs, but I also hear that other parts of the state are still pretty normal. I will soon find out for myself.  

Anyway, in the last two-plus years I’ve had no friends, no social interactions, and no live public appearances other than on video. I’ve been very busy the entire time.  

I did, however, appear un-announced at a Corey Goode event in Loveland, Colorado, during Covid — the Disclosure Fest.  

Once I arrived, I integrated with a whole close-knit team of friends, insiders, colleagues and supportive fans who grew up around Cosmic Disclosure. It felt really good.  

Given the threats I had in the past, I was fine with not doing any public events at all, ever again. However, lucky for you, I am totally broke — and I now have no choice! 

We have a multiple-speaker lineup. And yes… Corey is going to be there, discussing how the IC has glommed onto Michael’s 2025 prophecy and changed the date to 2027.  

This is a discussion of empirical data. He sent it all to me. They came out with this in April 2023 and somehow I missed it. I could not believe what I saw.  

In short, ‘official’ sources from the top are saying there will be a mass ET reunion on Earth in 2027. This emerged just one month after Michael fixed the same event at 2025.  

They also are saying the beings doing this are the ‘Architects,’ and they “don’t know if they are good or evil.” This is a classic DS technique to make you doubt everything.  

This is a fascinating story, and Corey is going to be reporting on the factual details. It really did freak me out when I realized that they were actually saying this. 

I feel very positively about the speakers at this event. James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch is wonderful. Caressa is an old friend. And Mike Waskosky is a Law of One genius! 

This same event will also feature the first-ever live appearance of Chris Beskar, the Stavatti CEO, at a UFO conference.  

Chris undoubtedly is going to drop some “Big New Stuff” on the audience. We have structured an entire talk as a dialogue between the two of us on cosmic subjects.  

Some people have been very rude to me already, saying “Nobody wanted a David and Corey reunion.” I don’t need any more of those letters, thank you! 

The bottom line is that Archangel Michael is real, our planet is going to be saved, and the Alliance is taking this with the utmost seriousness. I see this on a daily basis.  

Cosmic Disclosure shared many of the exact same narratives that I then discovered were happening to me personally — a Secret Space Program with ETs and abuse.  

Positive and negative definitely exists in the higher realms, just as we see on Earth.  

Our discussion about the “Optimal Timeline” on the show, where our planet is saved from the anticipated 2012 Solar Flash, is thoroughly supported in Michael’s books.  

Corey made startling admissions under a court deposition that many felt were a discrediting factor — hence the pushback I’ve gotten on doing this.  

He has already discussed how the overpowering hatred and downright malevolent evil we were both facing led to him making these statements.  

I could also say that I’m not sure if any of the information I received is ‘real’ or not. It has been very difficult to reach Acceptance about this process as a whole.  

I cannot leave a fellow team member in the ditch alone after doing heroic work. Cosmic Disclosure paved the way for Michael Prophecies. Both of us are now in a dire situation.  

Right now I am being attacked so severely that every avenue for capitalization must be explored. And when I do a show, I always bring my very best A-game! 

In order for your investment to do the greatest good for Stavatti and my own immediate future health, please be sure to click directly on this link to order your tickets:

We do expect this event to sell out almost immediately, since there are already well below 200 seats left. If you do want an in-person seat, you’d better grab it right now! 

Given the small size, as long as I don’t get glass bottles thrown at me, I will likely make myself available for the rollercoaster of in-person meet and greets.  

That should help cut down on stalker visits to my private residence — as I’ve discussed! 

You can sign up for my live-streamed version of the talk today, even if you can’t make it there in person. I will make sure it is entirely worth your while! Promise.  

Lastly, I am also offering you the greatest deal yet on Michael Prophecies, slashing it by a massive amount until I get the first Spirit videos released.  

This package includes all seven of the ebooks, which are utterly incredible, as well as the full ten and a half hours of the Spirit of Michael Prophecies, ready for viewing now.  

This deal was originally 333, and you may remember I knocked it down to 295.  

From now until I get the first videos out, I am doing our “Millennium Flash Sale” as a one-time-only offer of 250 — a staggering discount of 83 off of the original amount! 

In order to claim your Millennium Sale, enter the word CONVERGENCE in the coupon-code field.  

Once the first videos come out, we will revert back to 295, and when they are all finished, we will restore the 333. So this is a very short-term opportunity! 

Check out the details, right here (

I am feeling really strong and I just need a few more days before I shoot video, so I have finalized the emotional clearing I’m going through.  

Thank you so much for your help. Without you, I would already have collapsed, and instead we are co-creating the greatest future imaginable for all of humanity! 

See you soon,