Subject for Presentation: The Michael Prophecies: 2025 and Beyond

Join David Wilcock in a stunning overview of insider data and remote-viewed prophecies from the 1990s — predicting a spectacular event in our near future.

David spent over two years in silent meditation unsealing the Michael Prophecies in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The Michael Prophecies were originally obtained in 1996 through 2000, through a remote-viewing practice David called the “Dream Voice.”

David was fascinated by UFOs and wanted to make direct contact with their source. The Art Bell Show suggested that military remote viewing could provide clean access.

From the very first morning David began this practice, on November 10th, 1996, the miracle of prophecy was on full display. The future was predicted with precise accuracy.

In 1999, the source finally identified itself as Archangel Michael. The surviving accounts of Michael in the Bible say his job is to defeat Satan — the Adversary.

These words were originally published on David’s website in 1999 and 2000, thus providing a forensic record — one of many — showing they were never tampered with.

In September 2021, David remembered that his ‘readings’ from the 1990s had mentioned that we would see “a coup over the military-industrial complex.”

As David went back to his Michael readings and reviewed their contents, they were consistently prophetic of the events in our present.

Michael’s ultimate ‘reveal’ is that we, as a planet, have sufficiently learned the lessons Jesus and other great teachers wanted us to learn — namely to love each other.

We will now see a global miracle take place — by no later than Memorial Day, 2025. This also happens to be America’s 250th anniversary year.

The miracle will happen in stages. The First Stage is Exposure — where we see the bad guys openly exposed in public hearings. This is already well underway.

The Second Stage is Disclosure. We learn that UFOs are real, they have crashed here, they built ancient stone monuments, and both angels and demons have never left.

We will learn about ancient cities undersea, underground and off-planet, and the good-versus-evil battle in the heavens. We may see modern, uncloaked human UFOs as well.

The Third Stage appears to be an open reunion with time-traveling human ETs — known by many names throughout the ages. The Second Stage makes this possible.

We are told to anticipate mass, positive UFO sightings as well as the materialization of these people once thought only to be mythological legends.

The Fourth Stage involves an ET-guided transformation of our entire solar system. Michael tells us that by mid-2025, the Sun must be allowed to ‘open’ into a new form.

This will apparently involve a visible, phenomenal release of light from the Sun. It will create enormous aurora borealis, but does not harm our planet or our bodies.

After this has happened, we will now live in a greatly spiritualized capacity.

Telepathy, telekinesis and the ability to accurately remember your past lives will become commonplace.

Everyone will now have abilities that can go far beyond even those of advanced shamans. We will be “thrown into” this rather suddenly, with little time to prepare.

Michael tells us this event would have happened in 2012. The Elohim have been able to forestall it until 2025 in order that everyone, as a planet, could go through this.

Now, for the first time since completing all seven books, David will speak LIVE — in front of a live audience — about the Michael Prophecies.

You will hear Michael’s words about 2025, along with David’s up-to-the-minute dot-connecting as we navigate the first four Stages of this global Ascension process.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of this shared experience — either live in the audience or live online! Ascension is Coming!

Hovercars, Levitation and Your Future in Space: Inside Intel with Chris Beskar and David Wilcock

In 2009, the Pete Peterson videos burst onto the early YouTube scene — and fundamentally changed the scope of UFO studies forever.
Never before had such a far-reaching and mind-blowing insider testimony appeared from someone willing to go on camera and tell their story.

Pete Peterson claimed to be one of the top scientific experts on classified technology within Majestic, the secret arm of the US military that deals in UFOs.

Pete’s testimony included his work in Deep Underground Military Bases, where he had face-to-face interactions with a variety of different ETs — and many are human-looking.

The Roswell crash was just a very small part of a much larger picture. These programs were developed in almost complete secrecy from the public.

Many so-called UFO sightings are of human-powered craft, made here in the United States in various underground production facilities.

Peterson also revealed that there are “approximately 65 different bases” that our secret community has established throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

Yes — we are already apparently a galactic species, having regular interactions with other intelligent cultures we have made contact with.

As the Michael Prophecies now reveals, these human ETs do intend to reveal themselves on a widespread level — in our very near future.

Pete Peterson also claimed that some of the most popular spaceships used in this secret program were designed by one individual — Chris Beskar.

Beskar created original aerospace designs while he was in eighth grade, submitted them to the military, and then got pulled into highly-classified projects. (Allegedly.)

David first met Chris Beskar in 2009, and immediately realized that they shared similar intellectual and spiritual gifts, as well as having had very strange ET experiences.

David was offered a position on the Board of Directors in Stavatti Aerospace, Beskar’s company manufacturing aircraft and next-generation tech — but David refused.

David felt he was “too busy” with his own career. He was worried about the public judging him for helping to supply affordable, high-quality aircraft to the military.

David finally joined Stavatti in 2019, after his grandfather appeared in a dream and urged him to become a part of the team.

What lured David into the company is the promise of hovercars, levitation, free energy and technologies that can clean up and restore our biosphere like never before.

Now, for the first time in history, David and Chris Beskar will appear LIVE, together on the same stage, in front of a live audience!

You will hear about the quantum leaps that are now being made towards the widespread distribution of affordable hovercars that really work — using anti-gravity.

You will also hear about how we now have multiple ways to achieve “free energy” as well — or at least systems that are vastly more efficient than anything now seen.

Any technologies like this were historically suppressed — but all of that is changing now. You will get a bold and inspiring vision of the future that soon awaits us all!

Chris Beskar will outline his vision of how these technologies can bring us out into space — allowing us access to untold new wonders throughout the Cosmos.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear how this Wright Brothers-style initiative could end up ushering in radically positive changes to your basic way of life!

About David Wilcock

David Wilcock is an author, lecturer, a TV host on Ancient Aliens and other popular programs, and the Director of Advanced Technology for Stavatti Aerospace.

Since the mid-1990s, David has released cutting-edge information about UFOs, ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy.

Ancient Aliens has become a television phenomenon, airing all day Friday and Saturday on History channel worldwide, and is also among the top five shows on Netflix.

David worked as a Consulting Producer as well as an on-air talent in over 100 classic Ancient Aliens episodes. He brings that same quality to every project he works on.