A Premiere Exclusive
Disclosure Event

April 26 - 28, 2024
Loveland, CO
Best Western Plus Loveland Inn

A Gathering Unlike
Any Other

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Suppressed Technologies
Personal & Planetary Healing
Disclosure Activism
Consciousness Awakening
Divine Source Connection
Contact with Divine Intelligence

April 26 – 28, 2024
Loveland, CO

Inspirational Speakers

Community Connection

Discussion Forums + Q&A


Discounted Rates

David Wilcock

Author & TV Host

Corey Goode

ET Contactee & SSP Whistleblower

James Gilliland

Founder of ECETI Ranch

Chris Beskar

CEO of Stavatti Aerospace

Caressa Ayres

Founder, I Flow Studio & SoundLight Foundation

Mike Waskosky

Full Disclosure Activist & AscensionWorks.TV Creator

La’El Ofanim

Author & Speaker

F. Liam Erelim

Contactee & Author

Marisa A. Corvisiero

Founder and CEO of Corvisiero Literary Agency

Tessa Shaffer

Literary Manager/Agent for Corvisiero Literary Agency

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